• When his own videos were taken down during the Great YouTube Crypto Purge of 2019, Ivan Liljeqvist of Ivan on Tech didn’t bat an eyelash––he had been expecting it.
    How Ivan on Tech Survived The Great YouTube Crypto Purge 2019
  • Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian programmer, first explained the idea for Ethereum in a white paper released in late 2013. The paper, named “A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform”, begins like this...
    A Brief Intro to Ethereum, Ether, Solidity, Smart Contracts, dApps & ERC-20 Tokens
  • ShapeShift, founded by early Bitcoin proponent Erik Voorhees, provides global trading of a variety of digital assets. Headquartered in Switzerland, and founded in 2014, the company runs operations out Denver. Before divulging himself as CEO in March 2015, Voorhees initially founded the company under an alias: Beorn. It was an “unsubtle reference to the shapeshifting bear in Lord of the Rings.”
    On ShapeShift and the FOX Token

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#2 The Wolf of Bitcoins

Change Output founder Justin O'Connell speaks with The Wolf of Bitcoins, crypto's first viral TikTok content creator. The Wolf of Bitcoins has 37,700 followers on Instagram and 54.8K followers on TikTok. With 2.3 million views of his most-watched video, Wolf...

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Ivan on Tech

#1 Ivan On Tech

Change Output founder Justin O'Connell spoke with Ivan of Ivan on Tech. The two discussed the YouTube crypto purge, how anyone can become a known content creator if they work hard enough, and the Ivan on Tech Academy, which teaches...

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What Is Hodl? A Guide To Crypto Slang Like “To The Moon”, “Wreckt”, “BearWhale”, And More

The Bitcoin community has developed its own set of slangs on the chats where it meets––such as r/bitcoin, BitcoinTalk, Telegram chat rooms, and more. Log on, and you’ll see mass misspelling: “hodl” instead of “hold” or “Reckt” instead of “wrecked.”...

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