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A Super Brief Intro to Blockchain Marketing

We want your cool blockchain product to be adopted. That’s why we’re open-sourcing the techniques we implement here at The Marketing & SEO Co.. So you can dominate crypto Twitter, the crypto press, and more.


Remaining hyper-focused and vigilant in acquiring the attention of potential customers and clients allows your firm to stay on message and make better use of its limited resources, like time and energy. Some brands create key terms to help focus their efforts.

For instance, here are some of Change Output keywords we focus on for our marketing efforts:













Analyzing data is an important part of bringing products to market. Understanding that data, and how you can use it to firm up your weaknesses is just as important. Analyzing and interpreting data can help you set goals and keep track of milestones.

But, those numeric goals and milestones must serve a purpose. Before the data starts coming in, you’ll first need to “create” strategies to connect with your audience. 

Hypothesize about where your potential clients and customers spend time on the web. Using tools like, you can track the internet traffic that clicks on a particular link. Using Google Analytics you can achieve a more intimate perspective of how the people who go to your page behave.

Apps like Full Story can give you perspectives on how users behave on your website once they arrive. With VWO, you can implement tests to see what user flows work best in helping users do what you want them to do while on your website.


Connecting with your audience means creating a content strategy. Content includes video, images, written word, and more. Video is considered the most effectively by many people, though many websites today (The Athletic) still demonstrate the power of the written word. Before devising a content strategy, identify your audience, and what they want to know about as it relates to your product. Use your keywords to devise topics about which to write. What services can you offer in the form of content? Perhaps weekly wrap-ups about the news in your industry could offer something useful to the people with whom you want to connect. 

With such a new and disruptive technology like blockchain, your brand might set out to educate people about blockchain or your brand’s blockchain niche. Are you a security token? Then your content might underscore the benefits of securities tokens, their history, their present and their future. Interview your company’s partners – who might be experts in your industry – for features on your blog that drives traffic. 

Are you a blockchain software development firm? At this point, your clientele might be most interested in smart contract-fueled software. Explaining smart contract technology, and the types of platforms it improves, might benefit your potential clients. Are you a cryptocurrency exchange. 

This type of content can help your brand appear as an expert and leader in your niche. We like to create content goals and plan for one quarter.

Mixed in with such educational content is your content explaining what your company does, your value proposition and how blockchain helps your clients.

For instance, many companies blockchain space, during the ICO period, leaned on a couple pieces of content: the white paper and the explainer video. These functioned as inbound marketing funnels just like a blog post. One particular company that did this well is Polymath. (You can watch their explainer video here) 

Now you’ve started creating content in line with your content strategy. Ensure some of your very best content is not available for viewing without your customer giving over at least a name and email address, but even mailing address and phone numbers.

Sharing your work is just as important as creating it. If you write a blog post, that puppy is yours to share forever. (That’s what “ICYMI”, “#TBT”, and “#WaybackWednesday” are for)

Depending on your specific niche, you might find potential client and customers on Reddit forums like r/bitcoin, r/blockchain, r/cryptocurrency, r/ethereum and more. Bitcoin forums like BitcoinTalk and are popular.


Newsletter writing allows you to disseminate information to those who have demonstrated interest in your product. You might find the most interaction from people on your newsletter. We recommend using Drip or ConvertKit for your crypto newsletters. 

Crypto PR

While traditionally PR refers to “public relations” and is more about perception, we believe that good PR directly affects a company’s bottom line. 

Explore opportunities to place guest posts (in the form of thought leadership pieces) on third-party publications. To create fruitful relationships with journalists and editors, scan the news for stories related to your company’s niche. Then craft quotes from a C-Level executive at your company based on the ideally breaking news and send these emails (one-by-one) to press outlets. If you have a product and an online presence, feel free to target mainstream press. If not, journalists at outlets like CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, CCN, NullTX, Bitcoinist and more might find your quotes helpful.

Crypto Twitter, Facebook, and Social Media

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, very few users take advantage of hashtags to find posts that interest them. Most people just follow influencers or brands they like. That is where they get their content on social media. That means your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and others will comprise the majority of your social media interactions. They’ll find you because an account they followed retweeted you or because you run paid ads on the platform. Many crypto brands go beyond collecting followers, and build communities.

Done most often on Telegram, don’t ignore other platforms like Facebook, where Groups offer a great way to connect with your audience. Many crypto companies value vanity numbers in these groups. They pay people, run airdrops, etc. to increase numbers on social media. We recommend focusing on growing communities with people who might potentially be supportive of your project in a constructive manner.


Sifting through quality social media influencers is a time consuming and imperfect process. Working with individuals with influential social media accounts, nevertheless, is a good way to grow your social media presence.

Forget the accounts with tens of thousands and millions of followers at first. Not only is promotion on these accounts costly, but it’s less personal than partnering with trusted, smaller influencer accounts. With enough smaller influencers promoting your brand, you can reach even more people, and perhaps in a more targeted manner.

You might need to help influencers create the content (especially if you’re not paying). But it’s worth it to get your product or service in front of their followers. Give out branded swag by your company for free so long as the people who receive it make a post featuring it or your brand. 

Branding, Mission and Culture

The mission statements, long-term goals and the visual elements don’t need to mention you use the blockchain or crypto – unless your audience is comprised strictly of the blockchain industry. A breezy, accessible tone can help people under how your product can change their lives for the better.

Be direct. Discuss in a frank manner your particular niche with a focus on education. This is a good way to help connect with people ‘out there’ on the internet, raise awareness of your good or service, and then hopefully of course win them over as a customer or client for the long-term. 

What is your company’s mission? Our current mission here at The Marketing & SEO Co. is to bring more transparency and education to the crypto marketing industry. A secondary goal is to bring more awareness about the very best products in the crypto industry.

Then there is a culture deck, which describes a company culture. A company’s culture refers to its customs and way of doing business. What does the company mean to its founders, employees internally, and its clients and customers externally.

A foundational element of The Marketing & SEO Co’s culture is its dependence on self-starters and independent workers. Our employees show initiative to improve themselves, too, and we support this by offering classes for topics they wish to improve on. Of course, finding such workers involves a specific HR process, which we’ve planned to cover in a later blog.

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