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Change Output founder Justin O’Connell has written on behalf of executives in the finance industry since 2011. Our history as a company includes content creation for leaders in precious metals, offshore finance, Bitcoin (mining, exchanges), Ethereum (stablecoins, securities tokens), Blockchain (enterprise, venture capital), financial technology (payments, cannabis), banking (digital, offshore). We write:

  • Books
  • Fact-based reports
  • Long-form features
  • Opinion-editorials
  • In-depth blogs

All content is support by independent research, trips to the library, reading, .edu and .gov Top-Level Domain websites, respected publications, and primary sources. Our experience and trusted process leave few other brand content providers matching our sophisticated and erudite works.

Executive Ghostwriting

  • We specialize in writing content in the voice of leading executives in financial technology.
  • We excavate unique insights with a proven process we’ve developed over 15 years of academic and professional writing.

Earned Media

  • We’ve developed a robust network of journalists, editors, influencers, and content creators over the past ten years who value well-written and well-researched content as much as we do.
  • We place opinion-editorials in industry publications for select Executive Ghostwriting clients.

Content Marketing

  • Our content marketing revolves around research. We know your brand is busy enough, and setting aside time for regular interviews and meetings with a ghostwriter might not be practical.

Sponsored Posts

  • Many publications offer sponsored posts. Executives have often used this advertising option to speak directly to a market. For instance, an Executive of a sports team might use this space to thank a city before moving on to a new position.


  • We’ve developed a unique network of website administrators who sell advertising space on their websites. In the Change Output Shop, you can find our current availability.