#2 The Wolf of Bitcoins

Change Output founder Justin O’Connell speaks with The Wolf of Bitcoins, crypto’s first viral TikTok content creator. The Wolf of Bitcoins has 37,700 followers on Instagram and 54.8K followers on TikTok.

With 2.3 million views of his most-watched video, Wolf continues to educate the younger crowd on TikTok about holding your own keys, mining, and more.

Ivan on Tech

#1 Ivan On Tech

Change Output founder Justin O’Connell spoke with Ivan of Ivan on Tech. The two discussed the YouTube crypto purge, how anyone can become a known content creator if they work hard enough, and the Ivan on Tech Academy, which teaches developers blockchain development.

What Is Hodl? A Guide To Crypto Slang Like “To The Moon”, “Wreckt”, “BearWhale”, And More

The Bitcoin community has developed its own set of slangs on the chats where it meets––such as r/bitcoin, BitcoinTalk, Telegram chat rooms, and more. Log on, and you’ll see mass misspelling: “hodl” instead of “hold” or “Reckt” instead of “wrecked.” You’ll hear of bagholders and BearWhales. 

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin & EOS: The Only Games In Crypto Town?

Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari, who started his Bitcoin career out as something of a mudraking journalist, made a tweet recently we thought we would riff on a bit.

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Ivan on Tech

How Ivan on Tech Survived The Great YouTube Crypto Purge 2019

When his own videos were taken down during the Great YouTube Crypto Purge of 2019, Ivan Liljeqvist of Ivan on Tech didn’t bat an eyelash––he had been expecting it. “Everyone else got removed the day before, so I knew that I would be next,” he said, admitting he got a bit bummed out, and lost some energy. “You’re not as pumped to do things when your biggest channel and your biggest community gets censored, and you cannot upload. It’s not fun. It’s a sad day.

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Ticketmaster Executives Discusses Building on Ethereum

A Brief Intro to Ethereum, Ether, Solidity, Smart Contracts, dApps & ERC-20 Tokens

Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian programmer, first explained the idea for Ethereum in a white paper released in late 2013. The paper, named “A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform”, begins like this: 

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Dope Film (2015)

In Film ‘Dope’ (2015), Youth Must Sell MDMA on Dark Web for Bitcoin

Dope is an American crime comedy-drama written and directed by Rick Famuyiwa stars Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori, Kiersey Clemon, Kimberly Elise and A$AP Rocky. The film was produced by Forest Whitaker, and Pharrell Williams, the famous pop artist, worked an executive producer along with co-executive producer Sean Combs, forme rap star known as P. Diddy. 

“I just read money as we know it is dead, soon the world is only gonna sell and buy products using Bitcoins,” states the first line of the film. 

Malcolm Adekanbi and his friends love the 90s. Sure, they didn’t live through them, but the nineties are hip. They are a bit confused in the film. Malcolm thinks Jay-Z’s record The Blueprint came out in the nineties, though it did not. 

Malcom, and his friend Jib and Diggy are bullied at their school in a place called “The Bottoms”, which is located in Inglewood, California, a low class part of town defined in some ways by its gang culture past and present. They are in a pop-rock band, and Malcom wants to go to Harvard. 

His admissions essay into Harvard is, “A Research Thesis To Discover Ice Cube’s Good Day.”

A drug dealer on the streets named Dom tells Malcom to invite a girl to Dom’s birthday for him, and Malcom, Jib and Diggy attend. 

An MDMA deal at the party goes awry. Gangs begin fighting and Dom sends Malcom out into the street having filled his backpack with drugs and a gun. Malcom’s backpack sets off the metal detector and drug dog barks at him, but the security guard lets Malcolm in knowing him to be a good kid. Malcolm looks into his backpack and finds the drugs. He is now caught between rival drug dealers. Dom it turns out was arrested at his birthday party. 

The drug dealers want Malcolm to sell the drugs or else. Diggy suggests going to Coachella and Lollapalooza, but Malcolm decides to sell the drugs on the dark web for bitcoins. 

“There’s these sites where you can sell everything from credit cards to illegal guns and drugs, and they use bitcoins so they can’t be traced,” Malcolm explains.

“Way better than Coachella, ‘cause the FBI can track us, the police,” says Diggy, mocking the idea.

“No they can’t, not if you use a Tor browser,” Jib claims.

Will Sherwood is a friend, and also a stoner, hacker, conspiracy theorist and entrepreneur. His big entrepreneurial idea is a small batch craft malt liquor. 

He explains to Malcolm and the gang Black Market Reloaded, and helps them get started unloading the MDMA. They realize that they need to sell the bitcoin in person, not online, in order to remain anonymous. 

They found a fake purse manufacturer for this. The bitcoin buyer tells Malcolm to punch him in the face so he can trust him. 

The bitcoin buyer then says “Drive.” 

Malcolm replies: “where?” 

The bitcoin buyer replies: “Give me the drive.” 

After the deal, Malcolm gets jumped by school bullies who steal the purse with the cash, but Malcolm pulls a gun. They give the purse back. 

At the end of the film, Malcolm, whose favorite band is The Thermals, says: “When you don’t fit in, you’re forced to see the world from many different angles and points of view.”

Dope’s budget was only $700,000. 

Hal Finney and Family

Satoshi Is Not The Only Creator Of Bitcoin: The Story Of Hal Finney

In the spirit of open-source, Hal Finney is a co-founder of Bitcoin. He exchanged emails with Satoshi Nakamoto and suggested bug fixes, as well as philosophized about the macro of where Bitcoin is headed in the future, what changes might be made to the code to make it better, and even ideas about what is Bitcoin’s “core story.”  

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On ShapeShift and the FOX Token

ShapeShift, founded by early Bitcoin proponent Erik Voorhees, provides global trading of a variety of digital assets. Headquartered in Switzerland, and founded in 2014, the company runs operations out Denver. Before divulging himself as CEO in March 2015, Voorhees initially founded the company under an alias: Beorn. It was an “unsubtle reference to the shapeshifting bear in Lord of the Rings.”

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Jed McCaleb discusses Stellar.

On the Stellar Network and Lumens (XLM)

Stellar is a value-transfer network that functions similarly to Ripple. Stellar strives to be a fast and cheaper way to send money. Stripe invested into the project’s seed round from payment giant Stripe, and has also forged a partnership with IBM. Stellar’s native token is the Lumen  (XLM). Jed McCaleb, who WSJ called “the reclusive bitcoin pioneer”, founded Mt. Gox and Ripple before hitting upon the idea for Stellar. 

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