Blockchain Public Relations Package


Blockchain Public Relations Package

$750.00 $499.00

We blend content marketing with public relations for our blockchain public relations package. We position you as a thought leader through a unique content gathering strategy, communications philosophy, and method.


For our Blockchain Public Relations Package, we interview an executive with your company for one hour, advise on what might be meaningful to the audience, and turn it into prose into his name, and then we shop the opinion editorials to our network of editors in the blockchain, fintech, finance, and technology industry.

We believe that attention has been decentralized. We have seen that there are thousands of websites online providing value, and that brands can go beyond the mainstream media and work with industry news sites and even blogs.

We network with editors at publications of virtually any size, because we believe that eyeballs aren’t watching the ads on ABC, NBC and CBS. Instead, they’re on the web surfing the thousands of websites that go beyond the broadcasters.

After we write an op-ed and shop it with our network, we then divvy, splice, and parcel out the content tailored for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

With Change Output, your PR goes further.



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