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The BEST Bitcoin Keywords: A Case Study of Google Ads Keyword Planner

“What is Bitcoin?” is one of the most searched Google terms. With that known, do you know how it fits into your digital marketing strategy?

We thought that exploring the keyword Bitcoin as Google Ad’s keyword planner could be a nice case study of where bitcoin startups might find new clients.

One way to find out is by using Google Ad’s keyword planner. By honing in on “Avg. monthly searches” you can become familiar with the average number of searches around the keyword, “Bitcoin”, and its derivatives.  You can narrow this down, furthermore, to location and Search Network settings. 

We try to keep up on the bitcoin industry as it relates to Google Ads. Here’s what we’ve found as it relates to the United States:


Perhaps the most competitive keyword in the blockchain industry, it won’t be easy to rank for “Bitcoin” organically. That’s why Google Ads can help propel your startup. 

Here are the closest variants of the key term “Bitcoin”, according to Google Ads Keyword Planner:

1 million to 10 million Avg. Monthly Searches

bitcoin price


100,000-1 million 

btc to usd


btc price


bitcoin value




Let’s take a closer look at these 100,000-1 million keywords under “Bitcoin”. We’ll look at “Bitcoin Price” next.

GDAX – Now called Coinbase Pro, GDAX still registers under the search term “Bitcoin”. GDAX, which is short for Global Digital Asset Exchange, is focused on professional traders with   experience. That this platform is now called Coinbase Pro will only pack more power behind the keyterm Coinbase.

Cryptocurrency – This search term goes beyond bitcoin, referring to any digital asset that works as a medium of exchange and uses strong cryptography.

BTC Price – More Evidence that many people who are Googling bitcoin-related topics are interested in knowing the current price of the cryptocurrency.

Blockchain – Along with cryptocurrency, we see that as we move down the list of bitoin-related keyterms, the scope begins to widen beyond Bitcoin.

Coinbase – The San Francisco-based exchange is one of the most valuable keywords for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin value – The keyword “Bitcoin value” likely speaks to individuals interest in the bitcoin price.

BTC – BTC is shorthand for Bitcoin, but also represents the actual currency unit. On social media the symbol $BTC is often used in order to categorize tweets related to the bitcoin price.

BTC to USD – The search query “BTC to USD” lists pricing websites like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and exchanges like


cryptocurrency mining

cryptocurrency market

current bitcoin price

best bitcoin wallet

cryptocurrency prices


buy bitcoin



bitcoin cash price


ledger nano s



btc value

bitcoin wallet


bitcoin value today

bitcoin usd


bitcoin mining

bitcoin stock price


1 btc to usd



bitcoin current value

bitcoin price today

bitcoin reddit

reddit cryptocurrency

btc price usd

bitcoin price usd

blockchain stock


bitcoin price live


btc to usd converter

bitcoin stock

blockchain explained

bitcoin cash

Close variants of “bitcoin” that receive 100,000 to 1,000,000 per year highlight strong interest the bitcoin price and buying bitcoin. Google recommends “Litecoin” and “Free Bitcoin” as keywords when you research “Bitcoin”. Whether or not these are suited to you will depend on your startup’s niche. 

Ranking on Google For “Bitcoin”

Ranking for “bitcoin” is not easy. Its a highly competitive search term.

Hyperfocus is extremely important. That is also true when implementing a content marketing strategy.

What is your niche? If you are a new company providing exchange services, for instance, then your niche centers around the buying and selling of cryptocurrency.

Your content strategy might rely less on general bitcoin topics, and more on education about buying and selling bitcoin specifically, as well as certainly the bitcoin price (including how it’s determined, its price history, popular indicators, etc.), and more.  Bitcoin price is important because we find that price tools on websites like Coinbase, CoinDesk, CCN, and more, rank well. 

Currently, the top ranking sites for “Bitcoin” are as follows. The list highlights how difficult ranking for “Bitcoin” would be…  – Many people believe domain was registered by Satoshi Nakamoto. It serves as an educational resource for people interested in learning about Bitcoin. – The website owned by Roger Ver offers Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash exchange services and a wallet, as well as news, tools, widgets and charts, a store and online games.

Wikipedia  – The detailed Wikipedia page for Bitcoin ranks as a top three search result for those looking to get into Bitcoin.

Coindesk  – CoinDesk is one of the first news sites for bitcoin and digital currencies.

CoinMarketCap  – The largest bitcoin price site, CoinMarketCap tracks market capitalization and various cryptocurrencies. The coins listed on CoinMarketCap include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and many tokens.

CoinTelegraph  – CoinTelegraph specializes in the latest news, prices, breakthroughs, and analysis with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary.

Bitcoin Foundation  – The last result on the first page of results for the search term “Bitcoin” is Bitcoin Foundation. This American nonprofit was founded in September 2012 and is funded through grants made by for-profit companies that depend on Bitcoin technology.

This collection of websites paint an approximate picture of what people are interested in when they search bitcoin. Education about Bitcoin, news, buying bitcoin, and the bitcoin price. Notice that Coinbase is not present. With that said, Coinbase appears often times thanks to a robust Google Ads campaign. When we look at those key terms that are considered close variants of “Bitcoin”, we find people want to  “buy bitcoin” also.

Searches related to bitcoin, according to Google Search: 

how to get bitcoins

bitcoin account

bitcoin buy

bitcoin login

bitcoin wallet

bitcoin usd

bitcoin wiki

bitcoin app

Bitcoin Price

Here are the close variants from Google for “Bitcoin price” as a keyword. It receives between 1 million and 10 million average monthly searches. 

1 million to 10 million Avg. Monthly Searches

Bitcoin price

btc price

100,000 – 1 million

bitcoin value

bitcoin price today

bitcoin to usd

bitcoin price usd

cryptocurrency prices

bitcoin price chart

bitcoin chart

cryptocurrency market

bitcoin price live

current bitcoin price

bitcoin cash price

btc price usd

bitcoin ticker

btc value

1 bitcoin to usd

crypto prices

bitcoin value today

bitcoin stock price

bitcoin current value

bitcoin predictions

People are clearly interested in the bitcoin price and buying bitcoins. The top ranked pages for this keyword includes news sites and exchanges.

Some of the same websites appear when you search this key term as “bitcoin”. They include CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CoinMarketCap. But some new ones have carved out space for themselves on the top page of blockchain. FYI, we’ve placed just the URLs for clarity:  This news website has long covered crypto, and most recently covers the latest news on the cryptocurrency. – While Coinbase runs ads targeting this keyword, none of its pages automatically display on the first page of results for “Bitcoin”. – See above. – See above. – This news site doesn’t appear on the top search results for “Bitcoin”, but it does for “bitcoin price”. It focuses on breaking crypto news. – See above. – This Bitcoin exchange ranks under “Bitcoin price” thanks to its pricing tool. – This news website covers prices, and a recent news article – that probably did well in terms of search traffic – is currently ranking. But, it will likely fall in rank over time. NewsBTC is a Bitcoin news service that covers cryptocurrency news, technical analysis and forecasts for bitcoin, litecoin, dash, Dogecoin and digital currencies

Searches related to bitcoin price, according to Google Search: 

bitcoin price usd

bitcoin price live

bitcoin price today

bitcoin price prediction

bitcoin price dollar

bitcoin cash price

price of ethereum

litecoin price

Buy Bitcoin

A suggested term for those looking at “Bitcoin Price” for an AdWords campaign is “Buy Bitcoin”. With less impressive average monthly searches compared with “Bitcoin” and “Bitcoin price”, we will take a briefer look at the Google Ads keyword “Buy Bitcoin”. 

10,000-100,000 Avg. Monthly Searches

buy bitcoin


buy btc

purchase bitcoin

buy bitcoin instantly

buy bitcoin cash

buy cryptocurrency

buy bitcoin instantly with debit card

buy bitcoin with credit card instantly

buy bitcoin with credit card

crypto investment


best cryptocurrency to invest in

buy bitcoin anonymously

cryptocurrency investment

buy bitcoin online

buy ethereum

best cryptocurrency to invest 2018

best place to buy bitcoin

buy bitcoin with debit card

buy bitcoin with paypal

bitcoin credit card

bitcoin to paypal

Searches related to buy bitcoin

buy bitcoins with credit card

buy bitcoin paypal

how to buy bitcoins with cash

buy bitcoin at walmart

how to buy bitcoins anonymously

buy bitcoin reddit

buy bitcoin with credit card no verification

how to buy bitcoins in india

Bitcoin and Google Ad Keyword Planner

In order to make the most of a Bitcoin-themed Google Ads campaign, we suggest focusing in on your main source of income, and planning keywords around that. Simply planning a campaign around the key term “Bitcoin” won’t be enough.

What’s more, orchestrating your campaign based on other parameters than keywords means incorporating variables such as location and language will play a role in the effectiveness of your campaign.


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